Malibu Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Time for a change.....


Hypnosis is an ancient and powerful way to create positive change in your life. Sometimes our life manifests the beauty, wisdom, and creative power of our potential and there is a feeling of ease and joy in everything we do. We know why we are here and what our function is. Yet often we do not. Anxiety, low self-esteem, and blocked creativity might colour our experience of life. By using hypnosis we get access to the subconscious mind and we can then work to bring balance and harmony back into your life again.


Yoga works with the body and the mind to create a state of oneness and peace which leads us back to our essential nature. The physical body and our breath are the tools we use to allow the subtle energies of our body organism to move into a state of balance where the mind becomes quiet so we can begin to explore the inner territories of our being. This practice heals and rejuvenates the physical body and quiets the mind so we can live a life more connected to our hearts, the people around us, and the power of nature.

I believe yoga is a spiritual practice that brings more peace and awareness into your life and gives you a flexible, healthy and strong body. I teach out of a studio in my home in Malibu overlooking the ocean. The classes are small so I can give individual attention to everyone attending. I teach an Anusara inspired form of yoga with focus on awareness of the heart. The poses are expressed from the inside out, engaging our whole being , not just the physical body.  

Weekly Schedule

 Mon & Thurs. 6-7.30pm Beginners and intermediate level. $25

Tues.& Fri. 8.30-10.00 am. Intermediate level. $25

Wed  8.30-10.00 am. A gentle and restorative class. $25

Sat 9-10.30 am A gentle restorative class. $25

When you buy a series of minimum 3 classes within a month the price is $20/class.

You can also schedule a private class, $120 at my studio $140 at your home.

Free Consultation

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